The Truth About Global Warming Essay

1527 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 7 Pages
There will always be skeptic with any and everything that take place in the world. In this essay we are going to cover the skeptics of global warming, the IPCC and what is the cause of it. Global warming has been a back and forth battle every since it was first brought to the in the mid 1800’s. Former Vice President Al Gore is done with presenting global warming as the ultimate doomsday scenario. In 2008 the vise President made the assumption from bad data that the arctic would not have ice anymore by the year 2013 ( This was obvious not true but still comes up in conversation around the world. At the end of this essay we shall know the truth about global warming.
Corruption has always had a place in our world and will continue until the end of time. One of the biggest scandals that have taken place in the United States was the Water gate scandal. The Watergate scandal took place during President Richard M. Nixon tenure and will be one of the most famous, public scandals that have ever taken place. During this scandal a group of men that were linked with the President broke in the headquarters of the National Committee. That eventually led to an investigation that shed light on a lot of other questionable acts the President was involved in. Once it was said and done it ended with the resignation of the President. Ever since the Watergate scandal the suffix “gate” has been used to represents scandal of major significance. This same significance…

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