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The "Truman show" an innovative, courageous film directed by Peter Weir is distinctively not a film about Truman Burbank. Although he may be the main protagonist of the film, theoretically he doesn't exist, and is only there to bring out the main theme of the text. As an actual fact, this film is about our society as many of the themes that are conveyed throughout the film can be described as being based around our society such as technological influences and social and psychological behaviour.

The "Truman Show" is not a film about Truman Burbank. Technically he does not exist as a direct character of the film, more of a character in a film that's inside another film. This makes it should like we are watching a virtual actor which means
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An example would be Truman, he is roughly in his 30s yet it wasn't until then that he finally found that something was wrong, something which led him to discover the truth. This simply says that people in the developed society accept things the way they are. They have lost the feeling of curiosity, and in turn, losing the sense of questioning the way things is instead of accepting the way it is. This message not only tells us that we lack this kind of thought but also shows us the consequences of having these thoughts such as Truman discovering the truth which was a result of his curiosity and questioning the way things are around him.

It is apparent that Truman Burbank, the main protagonist of the film "The Truman Show" directed by Peter Weir, has a very important role in the text. He is responsible for the development of many themes throughout the film. However, the film is not entirely about Truman, it is more of the themes that is being conveyed by Truman. These range from tangible ideas such as technology to mental ideas such as behaviour and together form the idea of our modern society. The Truman Show is therefore not about Truman Burbank, but about our society, who we are, what we do, how we do it and things that influence

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