Essay on The Truman Show Critique : Critique

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The Truman Show Critique
NSCI 407
October 6, 2014
What makes a True-Man? This question can also be inferred as what makes a human being? As I studied in a religious class, human has a free will given by God, meaning we can make our decision based on the circumstances. Here, we should take our attention to an extraordinary life of one man whose name is ironically Truman but is having a difficulty in expressing his free will in film called “Truman Show”.
Truman show represents a life of an individual named Truman Burbank, who unknowingly has been living on a reality television show set from his birth. He was chosen out of six unwanted babies, and the studio legally adopted him to make him a famous television star. He has been deceived thoroughly among disguised and decorated truths around him. He has spent his whole life living in a constructed island. Everyone in his life even his parents and wife was actors and actresses. His life was recorded every day and broadcasted to the world 24/7. Paradoxically his real life was entirely created and controlled by show director. However, television viewers called it still reality show and the show’s creator Christof and other actors thought Truman had a genuine life just like everyone else’s with only some boundaries. Those boundaries Truman had was not small but huge and were both physical and internal barriers. As a physical barrier, Truman was isolated in the Island from the real world. And as for the internal…

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