The Truman Doctrine, The Marshall Plan, Nato, Support For The Korean War

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2. The Truman Doctrine, the Marshall plan, NATO, support for the Korean War were based on the policy of containment. American diplomat George Kennan’s famous Long Telegram from Moscow advised the Truman administration that the Soviets could not be handled as a normal government (Foner 898). Communist ideology was the driving force behind them trying to expand their power throughout the world, he claimed, and only the United Sates had the ability to stop them. Kennan’s telegram laid the framework for what became known as the policy of “containment,” according to which the United States committed itself to preventing any further expansion of the Soviet power (Foner 898). In addition to this, Kennan observed that such language made it impossible to observe international crises on a case-by case basis, or to determine which genuinely included either freedom or American interests (Foner 905).
March 1947, in a speech announcing what came to be known as the Truman Doctrine, did the president officially embrace the Cold War as the foundation of American foreign policy and describe it as a worldwide struggle over the future of freedom. (Foner 898). Building on the wartime division of the globe into free and enslaved worlds, and invoking a far older vision of an American mission to defend liberty against the forces of darkness, the Truman Doctrine created the language though which most Americans came to develop an understanding of the postwar world (Foner 899). This speech…

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