Essay on The Truman Commission And Federal Higher Education Policy

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Gilbert, C. K., & Heller, D. E. (2013). Access, Equity, and Community Colleges: The Truman Commission and Federal Higher Education Policy from 1947 to 2011. Journal Of Higher Education, 84(3), 417-443.

Gilbert & Heller (2013) posits that the Truman Commission and Federal Education Policy has set out policy to ensure equal access to higher education for all students regardless of income or achievement level and provided more federal funding to increase the role of community college availability to students of all economic levels. The research also indicated that there are some initiatives of the policy that have been implemented. One way that this disparity could be effectively limited would be if the federal government provided the bulk of the financial funding. This did not necessarily equate in the long-term to equal access or equal opportunity (Gilbert & Heller, 2013).
“it is the responsibility of the community, at the local, State, and National levels, to guarantee that financial barriers do not prevent any able and otherwise qualified young person from receiving the opportunity for higher education” (Gilbert & Heller, 2013, p. 419). Although set out as policy initiative when it comes down to the lowest level economics is still a factor in whether or not a student will go to college. Many times the seed is planted early in a child’s educational year that will discourage him or her from even considering college as a possibility. However, by establishing a…

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