The Truism Of The Unscrupulous Game Of Politics

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Register to read the introduction… Picker does love the game, he does it "for the pleasure of the challenge" (486), but he plays for himself, and not for the public, which is a dangerous thing (486). His addiction to the political game as well as drugs made him quit the first time in 1978, and it is his addiction and not his love for the game that makes him crumble under the pressure of the present campaign. Picker avoids the game while campaigning against Stanton, and everyone on the Stanton campaign notices it, especially Jack himself: "He isn't playing the game at all, not in any way…He's not going to be able to sustain it" (422). And the fact that Picker drops out of the campaign shows nobility, for he realizes he doesn't love the game enough to be as good a politician as Stanton is, and he even lets Stanton know this when he asks him how he manages under the pressure of the negative media …show more content…
Knowing that the game is necessary to succeed in politics, that "it has developed very slowly and logically over time" (422) shows that Stanton is high minded, a quality of being noble. His true love and dedication to the game come forth many times throughout Primary Colors, especially around the time of the Cashmere McLeod scandal when Stanton was regarded as history by the malicious media and it was in those times where he is "running on sheer will power" (228) that he eventually manages to prove everyone wrong. Or when the McCollister story broke, Stanton was completely humiliated at a Women's Political Caucus in New York and he didn't know if he could take much more, but he continues to fight (402-403), knowing that this is part of the game and he has to be able to deal with it if he wants to become President. Frustration does take hold of Stanton several times for he wants to prove to the people that he is not the average politician, he loves the game and he plays it, but "not for ambition and glory…but because we love doin' for the folks"

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