The True Story Of The Movie The Courage You Be Yourself : True Stories By Teens

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The gay people are also getting the pressure from the society because it is all against the bible, perhaps the transgender as a way of cover the dirt they have done to themselves consider by the society, but the same sex somehow is far worst. Since the beginning god creates Adam and Eve to reunited as man and women, in some society they accept them to be legally public in some not. For example, in Haiti if they find a gay either men or women the population will take them down because for them it is not right. In America in other hands, they accept them to be legally married and adopt children. They are consistency viewed by the way they talk, dress, look, and talk. For instance, someone who entered a public place will be noticed right away by the way they dressed, they going to qualify them different from the others. As Elaine Baran Black reports in “The Courage to Be Yourself: True Stories by Teens about Cliques, Conflicts, and Overcoming Peer Pressure”, “From a gay teen who is harassed by peers to overweight and unfashionable girls who are ridiculed because of their physical appearance; from an African-American teen who isn 't "black enough" to an Arab American who is a target of hate after September 11, the selections cover the spectrum of being different or "other"(E. Baran Black). People are sometimes disturbing, they take pride in judging and discriminate against, they gay people on the other hand are pressure just because they choose to direct their life opposing to…

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