The True Purpose Of Marriage Essay

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The true purpose of marriage
Gay people fight for marriage equality but they forget the true purpose of marriage.
Historically hhomosexuality where two individuals of the same sex are having a relationship has been a taboo subject and in some countries it is discouraged and/or illegal. In recent years homosexuality and gay marriage has been openly expressed and many countries have either legalised or a currently debating its legalisation. Despite what is happening in some countries Australia still maintains that marriage should be between a man and a women.
Ireland which is a very conservative and religious country held a referendum to legalise gay marriage and the people of Ireland voted "YES" to gay marriage. This has again sparked a debate in Australia whether gay marriage should be legalized.
Traditionally the institution of marriage is between a man and a women. It also requires a male and female to reproduce and ensure life on earth continues. As this is strongly support by various religious groups and therefore hhomosexual is seen as an unnatural act. The institution of marriage is based on more than love rather than the ability to have children, Nobel Prize-winning philosopher Bertrand Russell stated that "it is through children alone that sexual relations become important to society, and worthy to be taken cognisance of by a legal institution."
Biology and beliefs are key factors on whether or not gay people should be allowed to get married. If we ignore these…

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