Essay about The True Nature Of E Service

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Rust & Lemon (2001) suggest that E-service is more than order fulfillment, more than responsiveness to inquiries, and status requests. The true nature of E-service is providing customers with a superior experience with respect to the interactive flow of information. The extant literature and extensive focus group research in Zeithaml et al. (2000) study suggest that the customers’ evaluation of a website’s quality includes not only experiences during their interactions with the site, but also post interaction service aspects (e.g., fulfillment, returns).
As such, E-service quality is defined broadly to encompass all phases of a customer’s interactions with a website: “The extent to which a website facilitates efficient and effective shopping, purchasing, and delivery of products and services” (Parasuraman et al., 2005, p. 217), implying that online shoppers have to rely entirely on information technology in their E-service encounters. Since then, E-service has been generally conceptualized as interactive information services by means of which customers can transact business (Ghosh et al., 2004).

The emergence of E-service quality as a strategic issue is driven by the widespread acceptance that E-service quality is a determinant of competitive advantage and factor in the long-term success of companies (Parasuraman et al., 2005). Service quality as perceived by customers has been theoretically represented as consisting of two dimensions, i.e., technical quality and…

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