The True Meaning Of Marriage Essay

775 Words Nov 12th, 2014 4 Pages
What exactly is marriage? Marriage is a union between a man and a woman. It is a commitment of love and affection. It is a covenant before God. Marriage is two people joined together vowing to spend their lives with one another. Marriage is not something that one should take light heartedly. Choosing to be married should take a lot of deep thought to insure that the person you love is the one you want to spend every day with for better or for worse. If all the reason why you should marry your significant other outweighs the reason you shouldn’t. Then I believe you have found the right person. Understanding the true meaning of marriage would be useful for the people who get married for the wrong reason. One example, why a better grasp of the term marriage is useful is, it will improve someone’s perspective towards it, especially if they have a bad idea of what it is to them. The second example is it will decrease the amount of marriages that are rushed into, without careful consideration of the variables that take place within one. Marriage to me is an honest agreement that should never be broken, no matter how hard-hitting the circumstance that arises is. Marriage is also well known as wedlock or matrimony. It is a commitment between spouses, their conceivable children, as well as relatives and close family friends. Matrimony is commonly known as an agreement between partners. Marriage legal obligations between spouses involved and children that are possible to be produced.…

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