Essay about The True Meaning Of Justice And Why Men Act

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Through the reading of Plato, specifically his book by the name of The Republic he is able to identify the basic nature of mankind. In which he uses the character Socrates as a voice of reason who questions theories of the men surrounding him. Most of these theories focused on what it the true meaning of justice and why men act justly. Plato argues that men act justly because they fear punishment or for the sake of being rewarded. Whereas, some may argue that people are naturally good and act justly for the sake of being just. Those who argue for the good of mankind included James Madison when drafting The Federalist Papers. Madison believed that people were virtuous and naturally acted just; therefore, they would make up a good democracy. Plato felt that there could never be a true democracy because it would be ruled by unjust men and result in tyranny. A democracy has to represent the majority, which is not possible if people only focus on bettering themselves individually. Madison’s Federalist Papers biggest flaw is that it is based on the goodness of mankind, which cannot be assured. People are not going to act out of goodness if it does not benefit them or if they are not being disciplined. Once given power they will fail to make decisions that will support the betterment of the majority. Through dissecting both readings, it can be said that Plato was able to recognize the basic flaws of democracy. There cannot be a true democracy because men do not act justly because…

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