The True Meaning Of Christmas Essay

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The true meaning of Christmas, or rather the profoundness of the gift, and what it means.

At this time of years, there is tremendous love that surges through our family’s, our churches, our school, and our communities. The love is imbedded into our American and English cultures across every level and every fiber, and this huge upwelling of compassing and love starts in the United States about two weeks before Thanksgiving, climbs to a peak on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and then for a week after Christmas to a second peak on New years Day and New Years Eve, and this seasonal feeling continues for about two weeks into the new year.

What is remarkable about this time of year, is not so much the time of year, or how cold it is out, or if a person believes in Santa Claus, Flying Reindeer, stockings over the fireplace, as all of these things are merely symbols of the holiday, but they are merely icons that we use in our Christmas rituals and celebrations.

The United States has the largest Christian population in the World (roughly 280 million Americans state that they are Christians). The percentages range from 80% to 86% depending on how the how the question is asked, or even as little at 70% in the thinnest of definition. Add to this that abut 2.5-4.5% of the U.S. population identify with being Jewish. Technically, all Christians embrace Judaism, and the entirety of the Christian faith derives form the Jewish faith, there is also the matter that Christ himself was…

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