Essay about The True Effectiveness Of Administrative Segregation

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The True Effectiveness of Administrative Segregation The use of segregation in prisons can be dated back for probably as long as locking someone up has been a form of punishment. Although in today’s society and more specifically in prison the “lock away and throw away the key method” has seemed to really get more out of control. When judging how effective this method really is there are several different factors to take into consideration, as well as several different opportunities to rehabilitate prisoner’s that may have had a better outcome on those prisoners who have or will experience a long term solitary confinement within their sentenced time. The issue with having prisoners locked in solitary confinement for extended periods of time is the emotion and mental strain that the individual can experience and often does; this causes those same individuals to act out violently in close settings. Prisoners in solitary confinement are in a room that is smaller than many of Americans bathrooms. Only having a toilet and bed these prisoners experience the true feeling of being alone. With nothing to stimulate the mind, it is understandable why the issue with solitary confinement is one that has had its rounds of discussion for reform. When evaluating the effects of segregated sentences, a true understanding of the limited sensory impact that these men and women experience as well as the mental strain that leads to the mental breakdowns experienced by those…

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