Essay about The True Definition Of Knowledge

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Determining what the true definition of knowledge is has been a topic of debate among philosophers for centuries. Establishing the difference between knowledge and opinion is no easy task, and many theories dealing with this issue have arose over the years. Today, the most widely recognized theory for quantifying knowledge is the justified true belief theory, based on three conditions that each need to be satisfied for one to be considered to have knowledge. While this theory holds true in a great deal of cases, there are counter examples in Gettier cases that show the justified true belief theory to not always hold strong.
The justified true belief theory of knowledge is an attempt to provide a set of necessary and sufficient conditions under which a person can claim to have knowledge. Essentially, if someone has a belief, and their belief is true, and said person is justified in believing it, then the person knows it. True opinion, any belief without evidence that just happens to be true, is not simply not sufficient enough to be considered actual knowledge. For example, if someone came to think that a belief was true only because someone told them that it was true without any evidence, this belief is insufficiently valid to constitute knowledge. Justified true belief theory enables one to distinguish between what they think they know and actual knowledge that the individual possesses.
The justified true belief theory has three necessary conditions, each of which are…

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