The True Definition Of Beauty Essay example

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The True Definition of Beauty The definition of beauty is constantly changing over time. In today’s generation people think the definition of beauty is all about looks. People care about being attractive, skinny, fit, has a big butt or big breast. But even if a person does not have those characteristics, it does not matter because everyone is beautiful inside and out. Being beautiful is simply just having confidence within you. Media plays a big role in portraying what “beauty” looks like. Victoria’s Secret is often criticized for representing only one body type, which promotes unrealistic expectations for women. A recent Victoria’s Secret ad campaign portraying thin models with the headline, “the perfect body” offended a lot of people (Lutz par. 12). Dove provides a much more positive message for women. In their ad campaign headline, “Dove. Real Beauty Campaign” reminds women of all body types that they are beautiful just the way they are. Dove promises softness and improvement of skin, along with focusing on the beauty of women and how beauty should be a source of confidence, not anxiety (Falotico par. 2). Unlike Victoria’s Secret, which causes women to feel unattractive because they do not fit the so-called “standards” of beauty (Dwyer par. 3). Instead they should expand their catalogue of models and include different body types that display more realistic expectations for average women.
“Victoria’s Secret was not originally marked to women, but for men” (Schlossberg…

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