The True Colors Of Heroes Essay

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The True Colors of Heroes

Who is the person that children admire most? Millions of children answer this question in different ways. In general, the best answer is a hero. As children grow up, they still remain the desire to find heroes or become a hero. In this case, parents and teachers would like to encourage children to become a role model first and make an effort to achieve success. However, some people cannot distinguish heroes from role models. Both role models and heroes gain considerable fame and achievements. There are three main factors that make heroes differ from role models: greater accomplishments, a firm faith in heroes’ actions and huge impacts on the society.
The first difference between heroes and role models is that heroes have tremendous achievements. When a person whose behavior or success can be an example for others to emulate, this person is a role model. When a person who is idealized for possessing grand achievements and superior qualities in any field, the public regard the person as a hero. Role models, such as a dutiful police officer and a successful manager, usually win the respects of others because they do a better job than anyone else. With the regard to heroes, the achievements that heroes gain are marvelous and unprecedented. Moreover, the achievements of heroes cannot be easily emulated. In the article “ Is a Hero Really Nothing but a Sandwich? ” Tollefson writes, “A hero does something worth talk about. A hero has a story of adventure…

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