The True Believer And The Counterfeit Believer Essay

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The difference between the True Believer and the Counterfeit Believer When you believe in something or someone, you put your trust in them and you are willing to put your heart and soul in anything related to it. We have two kinds of believer, the true believer and the counterfeit believer or the hypocrite. It is very difficult to differentiate the true believer from the counterfeit believer, because they both appear to be a very faithful person until you get to know each other well.
The true believer is a trustworthy person and the counterfeit believer is playing a role. In terms of religion, the counterfeit believer is selfish, prompt to judge and condemn others, and only use religion to get their way. There is a difference between the person who has faith in something (true believer), and the one who follow the trend (counterfeit believer).
The Counterfeit believer is selfish, and has no scrupulosity. They always think about themselves, and what they could earn before doing something for someone. The counterfeit believer will help people to be recognize as a good person, but not because they want to help. Everything should be about them and how great they are. For people who do not know them, the counterfeit believer will give the idea of a person who cares, but the only person for whom they care are themselves. The counterfeit believer will be the first to voluntarily proposed to shelter a family who lost everything in their burning house. While in public, the…

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