The Trouble With 'The Term' Art Analysis

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Yeyenne Telisme
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The word “art” means different things to different people. Art is one of many words that its definition varies throughout cultures and people. I might interpret art as something so simple as a painting but another might be able to define that term due to their experience or studies of art. This connects to the course because in the same sense that, what the Western culture might consider to be art can be seen as just another object or some “tool” to another from a different culture. In the article “The Trouble with (The Term) Art” by Carolyn Dean, she provides descriptive details and well written responses to the people in the global art community about the meaning of art and the qualification something
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By using background information, Dean is illustrating that she knows the basic knowledge and can provide logical information to prove her claim. This is one of the few ways that Dean uses logos in order show that she has extensive knowledge for this argument that she is making and that she can prove it.
Another means of persuasion that Dean used in order to prove her claim is ethos. Deans employs ethos early on in the article. In order to make her article credible, Dean uses the history of the word art and how it came about to give the audience such as myself a brief understanding of how that word came about and what the people used to do before knowing such term. Dean later uses many credible sources such as, Michel Foucault and Esther Pasztory which provides a perception as the reason why the opinions and facts that Dean provides throughout the article is reasonable and
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This is one of the thing that makes the audience question whether the term art should include individuals perception or interpretation of the meaning of art into the definition of art. Although I believe that the word art is universal but I do believe that there is room for individuals to embrace, or not, other people’s art and can admit that is it a form of art without completely dismissing it. The facts that Deans article can draw out this emotion from the audience is unique and displays the of the ways that she proves her

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