The Trojan War Essay: The Iliad And The Trojan War

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There are so many marvelous poems out there, but two of the best are the Iliad and the Odyssey explaining the Trojan War with an outstanding story. No one knows exactly how true these poems are because the first written documents on the Trojan War have been lost or destroyed. The stories of the war have both some true history but also have some myth to them. Which is why we don’t know how reliable these sources are. These great stories have been written some time after the actual war took place so historians do not know how true it is because it is a secondary source. Some of what makes this story so great and loved by everyone is the true history to it, the legacy, and myths of the Trojan War left for the rest of the world to learn more about.

To begin, the truth behind the Trojan War. The Trojan war has a lot of truth to the story most of the information we have gotten about the Trojan War comes from two poems the Iliad and the Odyssey. We do not know how true this information is because these epic poems were written a long time after the real Trojan War happened. Archaeologists know troy had nine
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The Trojan war is still a huge deal around the world especially in Greece. The legacy that was left after this amazing event started not to long after the actual event took place. Even Alexander the Great new about the great story of this great war. But the main part the trojan war affected was the art. Many historians say the Trojan Horse witch came from the trojan war is one of the main centerpieces of the Greek art (Russell). Even though we do not know a whole lot about it we know the importance the legacy leaves we a slowly learning more with learning more the legacy will grow stronger and stronger. If you were to go to Greece today you will most likely see art that betrails the Trojan War. This is because it was a very important time to them of a great victory they had over

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