The Trobrianders Of Papua New Guinea, By Annette B. Weiner

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The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea, by Annette B. Weiner is an ethnography about the Trobrianders. The Trobrianders is a group of people that reside in the islands of what is now known as Papua New Guinea. They have resided there for there for countless of years. In her ethnography, Annette expands upon many of Malinowski’s theories and data in his own ethnographic works. One thing that Annette does is go deeper in the role of women in that civilization such as with banana leaves and bundles to produce product to sell off. It was made evident in the beginning of the ethnography that Malinowski ignored the role of women in a matrilineal society, and in order to fully grasp the Trobrianders and their culture. One would need to study the role …show more content…
Since Yams are the biggest political symbol in the culture of Trobrianders. Yams are a source of wealth, power and status, “A yam house, then, is like a bank account; when full, a man is wealthy and powerful. Until yams are cooked or they rot, they may circulate as limited currency” (86). The more yams a women had the more attractive they were to a man. Also yams are a part of the marriage ceremony to show unity between two people, “When a couple eats yams together to announce their marriage, the cooked yams they receive from the wife’s parents mark only the beginning of the way their future married life will be organized around yam production” (86). The more fruitful the yam the better it messages it brings to the people and their future. In this society, women have most of the say in how much of the relationship goes. Such as the women in any part of the relationship wants to leave. Then she can especially during the first year they are together, and the man cannot provide for the woman. An example from the book is, “If, however, a woman rejects her husband, even her husband’s kin may actively seek het mind with strong love magic” (87). This clearly shows that women have the power in relationships that men have to chase for them and improve their own wealth before they can go and try to support someone

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