Essay about The Trobriander 's Of Papua New Guinea

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In “The Trobriander’s of Papua New Guinea” by Annette B. Weinter was about the historically against the framework of the seminal anthropological studies of Malinowski who study the Trobriander’s sixty years before Annette B. Weiner. The author realized that Malinowski annoyed or never considered significance in the matrilineal society of women own wealth since he didn’t investigate women productive by only focus on the male wealth. Therefore, the author study both Trobriand women and men from their matrilineal descent emerged, kinship that form the chiefly power and focused on women productive work, how they distributed their wealth which was bundles of banana exchanged with other women after the death of their husband. However, Malinowski noted that the high status of Trobriand women in matrilineal society. But he never saw that these bundles of banana leaves were the women wealth. Therefore, Annette want to provides a balanced view of the society from a male and female perspective that Malinowski didn’t provide in his ethnography. In Annette B. Weiner ethnography is very inform right from the start with descriptions of the unique culture and customs. Since the author work can build on Malinowski studies. In fact, she clarifying that Malinowski information was not accurate. The ethnographic is structure by organized by topics, that focus on everyday life that affect both men and women, each in their own way, with their own valuables and problem of sustaining hierarchical…

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