The Trip On The Road Trip Essay

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Michelle, 26, and Jorge, 29 having been dating approximately 4 almost 5 years. She is from Ecuador and he is from Peru. They both felt in love when they meet for the first time at the University they both attend in Miami, Florida. As their fifth anniversary, approximate they have plans to celebrate it in a different way so for that they have planned to take a trip to Cancun, Mexico. But, in order to get the preparation started they are debating whether to take an airplane or to simply make it a road trip. After long conversations and thoughts, they both have decided that in order to save money for the trip they will make it a road trip instead of paying for two airlines ticket which can be more expensive for them. As they both count down the days and for their trip, finally the time has arrived. Its 4:00pm, on a Sunday and Jorge and Michelle are super excited to get the road trip started. As their journey begins driving around and they get stuck in a huge traffic to the point that they might be late to the reservation time at the hotel. After, trying to find short cuts to be able to make it on time, it seems like if luck was not on their side, two tires goes flat and cause them to spend the night in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, not only did they did not make it on time for the hotel reservation, they also lose the money for the hotel.
Many times in life, a decision is the direction that will determine where their life will go and many times when the unexpected…

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