Essay about The Trinity And Its Doctrine

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Throughout history various theologians have pondered at the Trinity and its doctrine. Though many theologians have given various explanations of this teaching, the correct understanding of the Trinity and its meaning can be found within the Catholic Church. According to the Catholic Church, the Trinity is “One God in three persons, in whom the divine persons are distinct and relative to one another.” The Catholic Church also believes that, “Actions within the Trinity are united actions but can be spoken of in accord with its personal property.” The unity of the Trinity is described in the Temporal Missions and the plurality of the Trinity is illustrated in the Eternal Processions. Both the Temporal Missions and Eternal Processions carry out God’s plan for creation and help reveal the identity of the Trinity.
In order to understand the Trinity and the means by which God carried out His plan for creation, one must comprehend how the Trinity is one and how there is also plurality within the Trinity. In regards to the unity of the Trinity, God is one in substance, nature, and essence. This indicates that He is supremely perfect and does not lack anything. Unlike God, who is pure act, human beings have act and potency because they are not perfect. They have the capacity to become better by practice or virtue, whereas God is supremely good. Saint Thomas Aquinas argues that there can only be one who is supremely perfect because God’s existence is His essence. This suggests…

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