African American Movie

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Honestly, this read was a very informative one at least for me. It explains the tribulations of African Americans and their roles in the film industry. How society labels a black person (taking a quote from Charles Burnett Page[51]) “Making an ass of himself” and thus will be depicted films which in turn puts gives society a stamp to continue the labeling, which is young generation will see this depiction and might believe its reality, a concern expressed by Bobby grandmother in the film “Hollywood Shuffle” [Page 58]. When I wonder why this happens a lot, a reason depicted in the read is just one of excuse given
“Money, after all, is not unconnected with what films, and what sorts of films, get made. Charles Burnett has said that "the real problem is that blacks are still represented in a very conventional way in American films. If I wanted to get immediate funding for another film, all I 'd have to do is write a story about a black making an ass of himself and I 'd get four million dollars tomorrow. And if you argue with the makers of these
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The numerous captures of Stede Bonnet. As well the relationship between the Spanish and British.
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