The Tribe : Native American Tribe Essay

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The Snoqualmie tribe is a Native American tribe that lives on the Pacific Northwest coast in Washington. They make the largest group of people in the coast. In the past, they occupied the area of Puget Sound, they were hunters and gathers they hunted deer, fished for salmon and gathered berries. Their name is associated with the Snoqualmie fall that is their tribal shrine and this is where the tribe associates its birthplace. In 1999, they received federal recognition by the United States. The president had ratified the treaty of point Elliot earlier on but the tribe was not enjoying full rights as United States citizens. It was until 1999 that they were given the authority of owning land in Washington. The Snoqualmie tribe had major significances in the United States, and the paper is going to focus on the turning point of the tribe upon meeting the Europeans, the resulting impacts as well as existing towns named after the tribe (Ferguson, 2015).
An interesting turning point as a result of cultural contact between the tribe and Europeans. Despite the tribe originated to America in the early days and being allowed to own land, they are not enjoying similar rights like other white Americans today. Snoqualmie people feel that they are racially segregated and they have filed a lawsuit against the city of Snoqualmie. The tribe had set a sacred area in the region where they buried the dead and this area was there since, however, they do not understand why the same area is being…

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