The Triangle Theory Of Love Essay example

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Love is an extremely loaded word that is very misunderstood and overused. At its best, it brings immense happiness and joy to people. At its worst, a world of pain, emotional suffering, and irreparable scars. We love our parents, we love our children and as people grow and develop, they eventually seek to find romantic love. It is the stuff all people dream about, is an idea sensationalized by Hollywood and has even been commercialized thanks to Valentine’s Day. Love is not something that can be easily defined, “so psychologists and sociologist tend to use an operational definition to define the concept of love by the way it is measured” (Hyde, 2014). Nevertheless, Webster’s dictionary defines it as “a feeling of strong or consistent affection for a person” or “an attraction that includes sexual desire”. Its meaning is often discounted because most people use it so carelessly. The Triangle Theory of Love, by R.J. Sternberg, proposes several different types and levels of love that encompass various components, however for the purposes of this paper, we will only focus on infatuation, consummate, and empty love. The first type of love to be examined is called infatuation. Sternberg says “infatuated love is often what is felt as "love at first sight." This is the type of love is considered new love. When the chemical receptors of the brain that are responsible for happiness are firing on all cylinders. This is when most people report their chemistry…

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