The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Essay

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In the March of 1911, one hundred and forty five workers, the majority of which were women, perished in a textile fire due to the neglect of their employer to provide a safe working environment. (“Triangle Shirtwaist Fire”, 2009) This event became known to history as the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire and was the catalyst for many progressive reforms in New York City such as the establishment of the Bureau of Fire Prevention, changing the Municipal Building Code and eventually the overhaul of the state’s labor code. (“Legislative Reform at State and Local Level”, n.d) Our inheritance from these reforms is that we as a society have placed the expectation upon employers to provide and ensure the health and safety of their employees in the workplace and that failing to do so has consequences. Unlike with an average governmental desk job there are professions within the public sector that come with an inherent risk factor such as law enforcement, but every employee should feel safe from harassment, assault, and physical harm and when faced with statistics that state that thirty percent of public sector employees face violence that can be a challenge. (Dresang, 2009, p. 240, 242) However, the challenge of providing a safe and healthy environment is one every manager must address whether it be through policy, employee assistance programs, wellness programs, seminars or any combination thereof.

As a manager preventing a hostile work environment from developing would be a high…

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