The Trials Of The World War II Essay

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The U.S. committed many war crimes in Vietnam - but I 'll tell you something interesting about that. We were committing war crimes in World War II, before the Nuremberg trials were held and the principle of war crimes was stated (George Wald, BrainyQuote). The Nuremberg Trials were a series of trials to punish the Nazis and other people involved in the Holocaust accused of horrible crimes during World War II. The crimes against humanity and war were common crimes to be convicted for at the time. The trials at Nuremberg are so important in history today because they were a warning to those who try to commit genocide in the future because those that tried were sentenced, and those that will attempt will be taken down.
The 187 defendants during the Nuremberg Trials consisted of Nazi officials, military officers, German industrialists, lawyers, and doctors (World History: The Modern Era, The Last Days of World War II). The I.M.T. (International Military Tribunal) established 3 main crimes; anti-peace crimes, war crimes, and crimes against humanity (World History: The Modern Era). Anyone that was accused of being a war criminal or if they had any first-hand experience with the murders of any anti-Nazi people were arrested and convicted of their crime(s). More than 100 Germans and Austrians were accused of various crimes during the war, such as crimes of peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity (World History: The Modern Era). Some of the accused Germans and Austrians were…

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