The Trials Of Salem Witch Trials Essay

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From the 1500’s to the mid-1700, witch hunting became extremely prominent in Europe. The efforts of earlier European nations focused more on identifying undiscovered witches as opposed to executing the already acknowledged ones. No one was safe from these lethal accusations. 70 percent of those accused were women, mainly widowed or dispensers of herbal remedies. The trials in Salem, Massachusetts occurred late in the witch-hunting era, in 1692. These trials were initiated by an affair between Abigail Williams, the niece of Revered Samuel Parris, and Mr. John Proctor. Abigail primarily accused Mr. Proctor’s wife, in hopes of eliminating her to eventually marry him. Throughout the duration of the Salem Witch Trials Abigail is known as the ringleader for a series of young, impressionable teens. The Salem Witch Trials concluded with a total of 20 executions, and approximately 200 accused, but liberated.
Lack of direction within the justice system and faulty judgment calls was to blame for the partial justice served to the oyers and accusers, not served to the accused, and only served to the present justice system. Within the Salem Witch trials, the trusted witnesses of the “devil worshippers,” were eleven influenceable teenage girls. All of which lived in a society that gave them little attention, and even less power. Although a lack of appreciation served as a motive, it was not acceptable to lay the lives of innocent people on the line. Years after the…

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