The Trials Of Harriet Jacobs Essay

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The Trials of Harriet Jacobs and Their Relevance to the Lives of Today 's Women
Harriet Jacobs was an escaped slave from Edenton, North Carolina. During her life as a slave she faced forced labor, sexual harassment from her owner, abuse from his jealous wife, the threat of her two children being abused and taken away from her side, spending perhaps seven years in an attic crawl space to remain free before escaping to the North, and being hunted as an escaped slave. She later authored a book regarding her experiences, as a slave, under the pen name Linda Brent. In her book she addresses the abuses, obstacles, and persecution she endured for simply being born a black woman into slavery.
One would think that since the adoption of the 13th amendment in 1865, the inhumane atrocities and human rights violations Harriet faced would be just a bad memory in the world. That being treated like property, sexually abused and raped because of your gender, being overlooked by the laws of the nation because of the color of your skin, and the possibility of your children being taken away from you would never be real problems faced by women in current times. The truth is, the various forms of persecution and obstacles to freedom and personal advancement that slavery harbored throughout history, are still alive and continue to be extremely relevant to women today. Jacobs ' revelation that she was indeed not a free person, but someone else 's property, did not occur until after the passing…

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