The Trials And Tribulations Of America During The 1950 ' S Essay

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Leading up to the time period in the 1950’s, America faced daunting challenges and overcame difficult encounters. The 1950’s was a time of change in the American world. During this time period, many changes swept the country which can be viewed in two different perspectives. Many individuals view this time period as a flourishing and growing affluence, while others view this time period as the complete opposite. This paper will discuss the different trials and tribulations America faced during this time period as well as the prosperity gained in society.
Prosperity Sweeps America
Leading up to the time era of the 1950’s, America began to seek great movements within the nation. World War II was just ending in 1945. The men of the war had begun to return home to establish normalcy in their lives once again. This would soon be known as the famous “baby boom”. The postwar “baby boom” caused a tremendous population increase, as returning veterans and their wives made up for lost time. The American population grew from 153 million in 1950 to 179 million in 1960 (Moss & Thomas, 1994). This created a significant increase in constructing schools and educational systems for the upcoming generations. The suburban growth increased significantly due to families seeking new homes and jobs. Federal subsidies stimulated economic growth during the 1950s and enabled millions of working-class families to achieve middle-class status (Moss & Thomas, 1994). The postwar economy soared, producing a…

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