The Trial Process The Crown And Defence Essay

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But this part seems important so that all the facts can be open to allow the judge to make the most informed sentencing decision. As the final step in the trial process the Crown and defence, as well as the accused were afforded closing arguments and final words, respectively (Alberta Justice and Solicitor General, 2013, p. 34) As a final result the judge handed down her sentence of six months and a 100 dollar victim surcharge with no credit for any jail time presently serving.
What do you think about the decorum and protocol that you observed in the courtroom?
The decorum and protocol I observed in the courtroom included bowing to the judge upon entry into the courthouse, when commencing and adjourning the court all individuals in the room rise, bowing when the judge is present upon entering and leaving a court room, individuals must stand when addressing the judge, no audio recordings are to take place in the courtroom, the judge is to be at the highest place in the courtroom, lawyers refer to each other as “my friend” or as “my learned friend”, a clerk handles all evidence and documents that are to be passed to the judge, and also that each the judge and the individuals participating in court have expected levels of appropriate attire that is to be worn. This decorum and protocol exist in a court room to provide order and keep the workings of the courtroom efficient and formal (Clarke, 1991, p. 976-977). Clarke (1991) also states, courtroom etiquette exists to help…

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