Essay The Trial Of The Salem Witch Trials

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Prosecution of Homosexuals
Witch hunts have caused chaos and panic causing many people to lose their lives as well as the prosecution of homosexuals which has not only ended the lives of gays but has destroyed their lives. The prosecution of gays is a big modern day witch hunt, it has not only ended many lives by causing people to commit suicide it makes it where they aren 't able to be themselves. Witch hunts can have a devastating impact on people 's lives such as the salem witch hunts, the mccarthyism and the Prosecution of homosexuals.
The Salem Witch trials was the prosecution against a small group of people, but managed to have a huge impact and to destroy lives. The Salem witch trials began in 1692 caused by a group of young girls in the Salem Village that started suffering from fits (Norton). They claim that they were possessed and began accusing people of witchcraft. These accusations of witchcraft concluded in 180 documented accusations with legal action against 144 of the accused. 54 accusations concluded in a confession of practicing witchcraft. The accusations led to many deaths including the hanging of 19 innocent people (Norton). These accusations cause mass is Histeria and had devastating effects without even proper evidence. The evidence used to accuse them of witchcraft was insignificant evidence. In order for someone to be guilty they must be proven to have committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt, because a person is innocent until proven guilty he…

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