The Trial Of The Century Essay

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OJ. Simpson Trial They called it the “Trial of the Century “. When OJ.. Simpson was accused of killing his wife Nicole Simpson and waiter Ronald Goldman, the world was in shock. They tried him on two counts of murder on June 12th, 1994. Orenthal James Simpson had some great lawyers and a great team, fighting to hear the words “not guilty”. Everything was going his way, from questioning the lab workers with the blood to not even having believable DNA evidence. However, O.J was still considered a suspect because their were so called “witnesses” that saw him at the scene of the crime around the time it took place. It was also said that O.J. was seen wearing a dark blue cotton suit that contained the same kind of fibers that were found on Ronald after the murders. He would surly be found not guilty, or would he? Because of O.J.’s legendary status and popularity, every part of the case was televised, from when he was in a low speed police chase with the LAPD, to when he was in the court room on the day when he was announced innocent. Through the entire trial O.J.’s fans stood behind him and never doubted his innocence. At this time and probably still to this day, this was one of the most talked about open cases in history.
Could He Really Do It? Could such a well known athlete actually commit murder? And not just one, but two? Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found stabbed to death out side of Nicole’s L.A. home on June 12, 1994, the first suspect, soon to be ex…

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