The Trial Of Socrates 's Life Essay

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The trial of Socrates takes place in the year 399 That trial follows very quickly upon the famous Peloponnesian war. The war that took place between the two great powers of the Greek world between the Spartans and Athens. The Athens that fought this war was at its height of the political power and prestige but lost the 30-year war to Sparta. Sparta initiated the 30 tyrants to rule the city. The next year the 30 tyrants were driven out and a democratic society was once again established. Three years later, three men named Anitis, Meletis, and Ficos all who had been a part of the democratic resistance brought the charges against Socrates. The city that brought Socrates up to trial was Athens and Athens was the most famous democracy that ever existed. Socrates is charged for corrupting the youth and piety toward the Gods. In other words, he is accused of treason. I had to look up piety because I hadn’t heard of it before and was surprised to find that it meant gods. Socrates was on trial for corrupting the youth and for not recognizing the gods that the city recognized. He explains that he has no experience with court proceedings and will speak in a way he has always spoken with is truthfulness. His defense speech is a dialogue in education. Socrates asks or interrogates Meletis in the trial. He asks, who has the right to teach who has the right to educate? The speech of Socrates before the jury was his most famous attempt to put democracy of Athens itself on trial and make it…

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