The Trial : How The Media And Race Influenced The Decision Essay

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The O.J. Simpson Trial: How the Media and Race Influenced the Decision
The legal decision of The People versus O.J. Simpson forever changed legal proceedings in our country, and is regarded as one of the most controversial court rulings in American history. The murder trial was unique due to the high profile status of the people involved, the circumstances surrounding the crime, and the media attention that the case received from the media. The crime occurred in 1994 Los Angeles, a racially charged area of the country still feeling the wounds of the Rodney King incident. Due to the conditions of the crime, as well as the personal history of many of the officials involved, a lot of the American public felt that O.J. Simpson was an African-American superstar being framed for the murder of his ex-wife.
Many of the attitudes about the case were based on race, and ultimately race played a part in the decision of the case. The court decision to acquit former NFL star O.J. Simpson of murder will forever be regarded as an example of how the we as Americans must trust the process of the legal system that we abide by. Guilt or innocence in the commission of a crime must be proved without a reasonable doubt, no matter the circumstances or evidence. Despite the extravagant evidence that implicated O.J. Simpson to the murder, the prosecution failed to establish in the minds of the jury that he committed the crime. The defense was able to shift the focus off the damaging evidence of the…

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