The Trial And Death Of Socrates Essay example

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For centuries, there have been laws. Laws that we made, and they are expected to be followed no matter how unjust we may think they are. We are expected to follow the law even when the authority is wrong. In the book The Trial and Death of Socrates written by Plato, his teacher Socrates, is on trial for corrupting the youth, and for not believing in the right Gods. In Socrates speech Apology, Socrates defends himself against the jury claiming that he is an innocent man and has done no wrong. In the end Socrates is found guilty and will be sentenced to death. Socrates friend Citro has the money to get him out of prison but Socrates refused to take the opportunity and because of this he dies. I have a reason to believe that Socrates was wrong in his decision of not taking the opportunity to escape prison, when it is clear that there is no evidence to prove that he has done wrong.
In Apology Socrates first claim that he makes about his innocence is the fact that this is his first appearance in a courtroom at the age of seventy. Why now? Why bring him to court in the end of his life? Throughout the entire Apology Socrates makes it very clear that he does believe in the right Gods. Socrates states “What is his riddle? I am very conscious that I am not wise at all; what then does he mean by saying that I am the wisest? For surely he does not lie; it is not legitimate for him to do so” (Plato 24). Apollo came to Socrates telling him that he is the wisest of all. Socrates…

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