Essay about The Trial And Death Of Socrates

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Plato’s work, The Trial and Death of Socrates has been and still remains a compelling piece of writing in Western Philosophy. In The Crito, the laws are the main focal point in all of Socrates arguments against leaving the city of Athens. He outlines the beliefs that he lives by and because of those beliefs chooses to not go against them, lest he risk tarnishing his psyche and reputation. Even when the Socrates does not speak for the laws, it is evident from the dialog that upholding the laws of Athens are far more superior in his life, than his own life and children. This paper is structured to analyze the arguments brought forth by Socrates, under the voice of the laws and as himself, to reveal the loyalty he harbors for the city of Athens.
In Crito, the remaining time Socrates has to remain amongst the living is further analyzed after Socrates received his sentence. This work takes place in Socrates’ prison cell, where his friend Crito comes to visit him. Crito enters his cell overwhelmed with feelings of melancholy and heavily impacted by the impending death that his friend has been sentenced to. Crito attempts to convince Socrates to avoid the death penalty by escaping to exile. He presents numerous arguments in hopes that Socrates will change his mind. However, Socrates disregards Crito’s arguments and explains that by escaping he would be hurting the city of Athens more than anyone else. He continues saying “You must either persuade it or obey its orders, and endure…

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