Comparison Of Tree Of Life Series And Ice Man

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The tree of life series and Ice man are two amazing pieces of artwork. They have some things alike but they also have differences. The tree of life is by, Ana Mendieta , a sculptor, painter and video artist who was best known for her "earth-body" artwork. Ice man by Kiki Smith is an artist best known for her figural representations of humanity, despair, and sexuality. Each piece of artwork has its very own message but they always relate in a way. In the Tree of Life Series, Mendieta, incorporated her body into the landscape by covering herself with mud of flowers and grass, making an impression against a tree or in a field. The measure of the works never exceeded the scale of the body, and the effect is an overwhelming sense of caring with the land, the viewer, and her own body. By looks it seems like she created most of her early ‘earth-body works’ in the creeks and on the land. Her art is the way she reestablishes the bond that unite her to the universe. Ana thought throughout the earth/body sculptures she would become one with the earth. She also thought she would become an extension of nature and nature becomes an extension of my body. The compulsive act of confirming my ties with the earth is really the rebirth of …show more content…
Both artist have beautiful art. They both use the earth for a canvas in my eyes but just in diverse ways. They both used human bodies for the message. I think they did that because everyone has their own body so they would be able to relate. I feel like Ana was more hands-on. She was actually inside her artwork, in the tree of life she was covered all in mud to get her message across. In which I think her message is that she is trying to rekindle with the tree which is a part of nature on earth. Kiki sculpted her work to get her message across. Her message was to show us the frozen man who was found. I think she wanted us to see it exactly as it

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