The Treaty Of Versailles Was Created By The Western Side Essay

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After the ultimate end of WWI the world was in utter chaos, due to Germany’s defeat during the war, the Treaty of Versailles was created. The Treaty was created by the Allied powers outside Paris, inside the Palace of Versailles on January 1919. This peace conference was dominated by the big four, this included the following countries and their leaders: France, Great Britain, Italy, and the United States. After a prolonged session of meeting after meeting the big four was eventually able to come up with what the final treaty would look like. This treaty had very different reactions by the Western and German sides and had a couple flaws. Once the treaty was finalized the different groups in the Western side had very different views on the treaty. All parts of the Western side had very different ideas of what to write on the treaty. Italy desired to use the broken-up Austro-Hungarian empire to gain territory in their own country. After the war Great Britain greatly wanted to be able to maintain their dominance of the seas and the ability to return Europe to its original power system. During the course of the war the most affected country was France, as they had suffered from the most amount of extensive damage. France believed that Germany owed it to them to pay reparations, $33 billion (payment for war damage) for the costly war; they would also be required to accept full blame for the war. In addition, France wanted to create a treaty that would ensure that Germany…

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