The Treaty Of Versailles Is A Strong Argument Essay

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Examine the strengths and limitations of this interpretation, making references to other interpretations you have studied. (20)

Sharp 's argument puts forward the notion that the Treaty of Versailles did not have a significant effect on Germany in terms of their economy, stating that it 'neither crippled Germany '. While many historians would agree with this claim, there are also several who would dispute that this was not the case and would - as Sharp says the Germans felt – state that the Treaty was in fact completely unjust.

Sharp 's mention of the injustice the Germans felt towards the Treaty of Versailles is a strong argument, given the long-lasting effects it had on the government and the German people. Psychologically, the signing of this Treaty was rather traumatic for the public. They had felt they were winning the war up until the very last minute, when suddenly the tables turned. Having to reconcile the idea that Germany lost the war was already emotionally challenging for the people, but then having to accept that their country was unilaterally to blame under Clause 231 was incredibly overwhelming. The people 's trauma soon turned into anger, both towards the Treaty of Versailles and its enforcers, but also to the government for betraying the people (known as the 'stab in the back ') and accepting blame. Consequently, the politicians who signed the Treaty were dubbed the 'November Criminals '.

This forced peace (known as 'diktat ' by the German people)…

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