Essay on The Treaty Of Versailles Ended World War I

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Humans often pride themselves in being civilized and peaceful beings, controlled by rational thought and logic. War, however, brings out the animalistic characteristics of society that are otherwise kept hidden. One of the deadliest conflicts in history, World War I brought out the side of humanity that regularly remains unseen. The utilization of modern technology in warfare resulted in an unprecedented amount of bloodshed and destruction, and those who managed to survive were changed both physically and emotionally. It was thought by some that the war was never going to end, as the number of casualties continued to grow while no side made any progress. But, even when the war did end with the submission of the Central Powers to the Allies and the signing of an armistice in 1918, the countries looked to advance themselves at the expense of others. Rather than writing the Treaty of Versailles to ensure peace and justice for the upcoming years, the Allies used it to seek vengeance against the Central Powers. The Treaty of Versailles ended World War I in a direct sense, but it arguably increased tensions between the European nations, with the resentment of the harsh peace terms leading to unrest and the eventual uprising of World War II. The disillusionment of civilians and soldiers alike caused from the erosion of the pro-war sentiment, with the expectation of a glorious conflict being shattered with the stark reality of war, led to pain and dissatisfaction for the Allies and…

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