The Treaty Of Versailles During World War II Essay

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Just two decades after the world’s supposedly greatest war, a greater and more devastating one occurred. World War II, the most costly war in the history of mankind, had a lot of causes leading up to it. One such cause was the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles was drafted by the Allied Powers after World War I during the Paris Peace Conference in 1919 to ensure that Germany would never rise to become a major military force again. Its multiple provisions required Germany to pay harsh reparations for the war, both in money and territory. In addition, it placed a limit on Germany’s military size. Thus, Germany spiraled into a financial and political crisis, and its citizens looked desperately for a new leader. They chose Adolf Hitler. The Treaty of Versailles caused World War II because it demanded excessive and unrealistic funds from Germany, greatly downsized Germany’s territory and military, and paved the path for Hitler’s dystopic Nazi regime. The Treaty heavily impacted post-World War I Germany, as it demanded reparations in money, which led to the hyperinflation that Germany experienced. In addition, the American stock market crash, causing the Great Depression, also contributed to the financial hardships faced by Germany. For example, “much of the prosperity in Germany from 1925 to 1929 had been fueled by loans from U.S. banks” [3]. The German economy relied heavily on the American stock market, which had crashed leading into the Great Depression.…

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