The Treaty Of Versailles After World War I Essay

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Throughout history, historians and scholars have theorized what were the real reasons as to how and when World War II officially start. Most people outside of the field discuss that it was mainly because Germany attacked Poland and how the United States saved the world with the Allies. However, most historians can agree that there was a different demeanor on how World War II actually started. Most will say that it because of the many faults of the Treaty of Versailles after World War I. Because of the failures of the treaty, it was easier for Adolf Hitler and the Axis Powers to attempt to obtain power over Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. Others also say that it was also because of the way Hitler was able to achieve power because of his personal issues on how the treaty treated Germany. He was frustrated, raged with power, and wanted to change the world by turning Germany into the ultimate superpower. Those two following reasons, the failure of the treaty and the rage of Hitler, were the main reason as to how and why World War II got started.
The Treaty of Versailles was composed as a peace treaty after World War I between the Allied forces and Germany . On June 28th 1919, the treaty had a few demands and objections on how to resolve the war. The treaty established specific territories for Germany, and made Germany pay reparations for the damage of the war. It also created a war guilt clause that blames Germany for everything that involves the war and demilitarized the…

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