The Treaty Of The Versailles Meeting With Vengeance Essay example

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“ ‘A fearful and gloomy existence awaits us under the best of circumstances!’ ” (Boden). Written by Friedrich Meinecke after World War I, it echoed the sentiment of many Germans at the time. The German’s were right to be anxious as Britain and France went into the Versailles Conference with vengeance. On the other hand, Britain and France had a right to be angry since Germany was the source of their economic downfall and hardship during the war. The final Treaty in June 28th, 1919 had no German representative. The Treaty was ruthless, requiring Germany to take responsibility for the war and pay $33 billion dollars in reparations to France to rebuild their economy (Boden). The Versailles Conference did not consider that Germany’s economy was in shambles as well. The Treaty gave Germany 's colonies and lands to Poland, Belgium, France, and the League of Nations in a political move that turned the German empire into a fraction of what it was. On the other hand, Belgium, France, and Poland felt that they deserved a reward for years of war and the League of Nations needed territory to remain prominent. The Germans were outraged, Thomas Mann, a German novelist, outright accused Europe of robbing them. Germany hobbled away from the Treaty with anger, which led to increased nationalism in Germany from the political decisions of the Treaty (Boden).
In 1922, Germany announced it could not pay anymore reparations because of their weakened economy (Reiner, effects of WWI in…

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