The Treaty Of The United States And The Beginnings Of Secession

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The period between the ratification of the constitution of the United States and the beginnings of secession can even be described as a sort of “cold war” with various compromises and deals between these regions merely delaying the inevitable conflict for several decades. During this time America was still working towards defining itself, acquiring an identity on a Global scale. International markets were on the rise, and the industrial North was beginning to boom as a result. Immigrants would come to Northern cities by the thousands in hopes of economic fortune. The South, meanwhile, remained in an almost feudalistic society where agriculture was key. The free and capitalist North could not help but be at odds with the slave-owning South, and vice versa. There were a great many questions the young American nation need to ask itself. In what way was America to define itself to other nations? As a free market driven by wage labor, or as a slave-reliant agricultural economy? Were new territories acquired from the war with Mexico to be admitted as slave states or Free states? Disagreements on the constitutionality of these and other decisions, such as popular sovereignty and The Kansas-Nebraska Act left the senate chamber ablaze. How did these two societies, that differed on so many levels coexist as long as they did without civil war happening sooner? Sectionalism in American politics can be noticed as far back as 1790, when the nation was in its infancy and the ink on the…

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