The Treaty Of The United Nations Essay

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153 countries of the 158 countries part of the United Nations have agreed to the new treaty. This means that they have to wait until their is a agreement for the treaty to be able to progress forward. With this being said there are other things that you should know. Like how the main reason why the treaty was made was to oppose mainly the 5 countries that do not want to approve of the law. The law would save people’s lives and even sit there and possibly make it so that no one ever has to go into the army. This simply is a way to say that with this treaty there will hardly ever be a issue with a certain area feeling that they will be wiped off of the chart because with the new regulations there is enough safety protocol to not have any issues with the specifics.
Israel the one place we can look upon as a group, as a socially equal group of civilized people and see the usage of weapons of mass destruction at a attempt to wipe out an entire race. In years after the issues with Germany and the people of Israel being given their own place to live so that they may escape the horror of what had happened in the war they decided to go into the weapon industry. Since the tragic events that Israel as a group has faced, they have started to mass produce weapons to use in war. They even over produce weapons due to the fact that they want to be sure that they are never caught off guard. But as years have passed even people across the world have seen issues with the weapons that are…

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