The Treaty Of The Napoleonic Wars Essay

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Following the resolution of the Napoleonic wars, the Concert of Europe assembled, bringing together the most powerful monarchs on the continent to form an alliance of checks and balances to preserve the reign of old-world monarchy. Having been challenged by popular sovereignty and Napoleon Bonaparte, the Concert of Europe would try, and fail, to resist the popular nationalism and political liberalism suggested by the French revolutions of 1789 and 1830. In what would blossom into The People’s Spring of 1848, Europeans would exorcise the monarchies of the continent, establishing nationalistic sovereignty. These provisional governments would fail, but would reinforce the potential of popular nationalism and liberalism, two concepts which would persevere in the decades to come. In considering which movement most resembled the European attitude of the mid-19th century, it cannot be forgotten that popular nationalism and liberalism proceeded almost without challenge during the influence of Marxism, Darwinism, and their reactionary schools of thought—social Darwinism, communism and socialism, evolution and orthodoxy, and imperialism. Although some of the most impactful developments of the 19th century were produced by Darwinism and Marxism, they each faced opposition, dividing the people of Europe—making the only movement of recognizable continuity popular nationalism and liberalism, or the people’s desire for identity, freedom of expression, and collective political…

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