The Treaty Of The Constitution Essay example

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The United States constitution was signed and approved by the constitutional convention delegates in 1787, and it needed ratification from nine states as it is required in article VII of the constitution before it could be enforced. States that decided not to ratify the constitution will be considered a different country, and not part of the union. With this knowledge, the urge of the ratification led to a conflict among the delegates that resulted in numerous documents, essays, pamphlets, and articles. The conflict; perhaps debate consists of two opposing sides; the Federalists who wanted the ratification of the constitution, and the Anti-Federalists objected to the ratification. The Federalists led by Alexander Hamilton were in favor of the constitution, and they believe the nation might be threatened if the constitution is not ratified. It is the support the Federalists have for the constitution that led Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, James Madison and others to anonymously write an array of papers called “Publius”, otherwise known as Federalist Papers. Publius was written in an attempt to influence the ratification of the constitution. Since the Articles of Confederation have failed, the Federalists believed they needed a stronger national and Federal government, and that could be accomplished by ratifying the constitution. However, the Anti-Federalists argued that the constitution would limit the liberty of the citizens, and also fail to protect individual right which…

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