The Treaty Of The Apache Essay

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Between the years of 1778 and 1871, the United States was entering many treaties with the Native American Indians living in the territories and states of the country, promising benefits, protection, and a better life. There was an estimated of more than five hundred treaties, most of which were never ratified. The Treaty of the Apache was one of them. This paper will provide information about the United States government offering rights, protection, and guarantees to Indians that were never fulfilled. This treaty was entered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on the first day of July in 1851. It stated the following:
“Articles of a treaty made and entered into at Santa Fe, New Mexico, on the first day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two, by and between Col. E. V. Sumner, U. S. A., commanding the 9th Department and in charge of the executive office of New Mexico, and John Greiner, Indian agent in and for the Territory of New Mexico, and acting superintendent of Indian affairs of said Territory, representing the United States, and Cuentas, Azules, Blancito, Negrito, Capitan Simon, Captain Vuelta, and Mangas Colorado, chiefs, acting on the part of the Apache Nation of Indians, situate and living within the limits of the United States.”
Before the treaty had been established, there were concerns with the Apache regarding the Anglos. The Anglos were temporarily on the Mimbreños’ land dwelling and rebuilding abandoned walls of adobe at the copper mines.…

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